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A Helping Hand Inc

A Helping Hand Inc is a 501(c) nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to people in need. We support social, cultural, and infrastructural public works projects to benefit the communities we engage with.

_Weekly food baskets

_Thanksgiving food baskets

_Christmas food baskets

_Christmas toy giveaway

_Dia del niño celebration

-Build mini-public libraries

-Create a fund to provide clothing for needy children

-Generate an endowment to give cash assistance to families in need

-To sponsor job training and small business creation

We are always in search of new ideas, volunteers, and assistance. 

Fundraising to help remodel and restock this school library

Fundraising to help remodel this school

The first phase of remodel has been completed

Help us remodel this school

The first phase of remodel has been done

Our second annual "Dia del niño celebration"

2023 Dia del niño celebration

We became friends of La Casa Down.

Meals for migrant kids

Supporting the work of"Hogar Florecer" A center for Abused Girls

Supporting the work of The Salvation Army

Supporting the town's medical clinic with furniture and medical equipment

Christmas toys giveaway

Christmas toys giveaway

Christmas toys giveaway

Dia del niño celebration

Sweaters giveaway

Sweaters giveaway

Shoes giveaway

Shoes giveaway

Weekly food baskets

Our first sponsored Beauty School Graduate.

Donation of a copy machine for an elementary school

Supporting the creation of a small business

Donation of a projector and a screen for a secondary school

mini library

Our first mini-library

Our second mini-library

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